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      When was the last time you held a quality screen print in your hands?
      For many, the answer will be “not so recently,” even though this high quality printing process has been an established standard for almost a hundred years now.
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      Originally, we wanted to offer artists and creatives we knew a functional platform on which they could present their work, in the right environment. We gave this platform a name and attempted to design it in a way that ensured that the work/product would always be the centre of attention. As the Bauhaus school would have it, “Form follows function.”
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      In 1458, Johannes Gutenberg revolutionised book production when he set up the world’s first printing press, in Strasbourg.
      Since that date and over successive centuries, letterpress has proven itself to be the most effective way
      of producing high-quality books and other printed media, at an affordable price.
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