Letterpress printing In 1458, Johannes Gutenberg revolutionised book production when he set up the world’s first printing press, in Strasbourg.

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Since that date and over successive centuries, letterpress has proven itself to be the most effective way
of producing high-quality books and other printed media, at an affordable price.

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The process, however, calls for a great deal of preparatory and manual work with the result that, in recent decades, traditional letterpress printing has almost completely disappeared, for reasons of economy.

Nevertheless, look closely and, here and there, it is still possible to find small printing businesses in which, almost romantically, you can still smell the printing ink and where, even after all these years, original, carefully maintained Heidelberg printing presses continue to give off the smell of this unique craft.

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All that’s left to do is to select a high-volume Gmund Cotton Papier and raise the pressure of the press a little to produce fabulously vivid printing results.

After all, quality isn’t just something to dream about, it’s also something people should be able to see and feel.