When was the last time you held a quality screen print in your hands?
For many, the answer will be “not so recently,” even though this high quality printing process has been an established standard for almost a hundred years now.

RGB149 - Siebdruck Werkstatt

OK, getting what we want for less is an appealing concept, but the deterioration in quality that it implies comes with a price.

So, we’re faced with a choice: digitally produced materials printed on standard commercial offset paper, or high-quality, crafted products printed on correspondingly high-quality material?

It didn’t take us long to decide and, thanks to our decision, clients can be sure of receiving printed materials of impeccable quality. 

RGB149 - Siebdruck München

In our work, we draw on the services of established printers from the region in which we are based and who, apart from always delivering outstanding results, are also there to advise us on all matters relating to print, drawing on their many years of experience.